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iStock_000019145934_LargeWhen you have pets and carpet, there’s no escaping the fact you will need your carpets cleaned more frequently. Pets naturally shed hair, produce odors, excrete dirt, and may have lice or other bugs. Indoor pets can make a big difference on the wear and tear on the insides of your home, especially the carpet. At this point you may be wondering how to best maintain your carpet while having indoor pets. Here are a few simple ideas:  

Keep Your Pets Clean: Regularly bathe, brush and care for your pet’s hygiene and health. The cleaner your pets are, the cleaner your carpet will be. Pets naturally shed hair, but with regular brushing less hair will fall on the carpet.

Pet hair contains many oils that can seep into the roots of the carpet, causing foul smells and damaging the carpet fibers. Avoid dirt and matted animal hair in the carpets.

Dry Dirty Paws: Dry your pet’s dirty paws when coming inside the house. Pets running amuck in the dirt outside will track all sorts of things onto the carpet. It will be easier on you and your carpet, if you have pets which are strictly indoor or outdoor. If your pet is both an indoor and outdoor pet, then make sure to clean the pet’s paws. You will not want your dog running through your house after he or she has just went swimming in your pond or running through red dirt. Dry your dog’s paws and avoid difficult-to-remove stains on the carpet.

Consider a Mudroom: Some houses have a mudroom or tile entry way which helps to stop the dirt from getting farther into the house. This might be a good buffer where you can clean up your pets, or kids for that matter, and keep them from tracking more dirt into the house. The less dirt tracked into the house, the longer your carpets will be preserved and maintain its carpet fluff.

File or Cut Your Pet’s Nails: Your carpet will be torn to shreds if you neglect to cut or file your pet’s nails. Pets often scratch their nails on the carpet while stretching out, which tears up carpet fibers permanently. If you wish to maintain your carpet’s aesthetic appeal and avoid your carpet from getting ripped up, then watch out for those nails.

Rug Placement: A great option for preserving your carpet are rugs, lots of rugs. Rugs can preserve small or large areas of carpet and prevent hair, dirt or oils from seeping into the layers of carpet. If your pet has a favorite area of the house to sleep, place a rug in that area and train your pet to sleep on it. This will spare the other areas of your carpet which may be wearing out from your pets. Preserving your carpet now can save you money spent in the future to replace or professionally clean your carpets.

Regular Vacuuming: Get into the habit of regularly vacuuming your carpets. Vacuuming helps to lift and remove dirt, hair and possible crawlers from deep inside the carpet fibers. The sooner the dirt and hair can be removed, the less time it has to affect the appearance of your carpets.

Clean Urine Quickly: If your pet has had an accident, act quickly to absorb the urine before it seeps into the carpet pad. If the urine has already soaked into the carpet for more than ten minutes or so, then re-wet the carpet with a small amount of water and begin to re-absorb the liquid. Be cautious of different carpet cleaning solutions, because some may have harsh effects on the carpet. Avoid cleaners with acidic chemicals in them, and use enzyme cleaners to be safe. Check with the carpet experts before risking your carpet’s condition.

Regular Carpet Cleanings: For all the time you spend with your family inside, it is important to frequently clean and maintain your carpets, especially with pets. With regular carpet cleanings, you can expect your carpet to last much longer and keep its aesthetic appeal. Regular carpet cleanings keep you and your family in a clean and healthy environment. Contact Pure Clean today at (208) 356-7873 for a free carpet cleaning estimate.

A clean house is important for you, your family and your pet’s health. If you take care of your carpet, your carpet will take care of you. More detailed cleaning solutions for your carpet are available by contacting Pure Clean today at (208) 356-7873.