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Taking chewing gum

There is only so long that you can keep your eye on your little kids to watch for damage control when they have gum in their mouths. Before you know it the gum has ended up on your carpet and its now your problem, so now what? There are many different methods for gum removal, however, some are more effective and less risky than others.The important thing to remember for any of these solutions is to act quickly to remove the gum from the carpet to prevent more carpet damage.

Best Two Options

The best two options for gum removal involves the use of the cold and the heat to maneuver the gum material off the carpet. There are several different methods you may find on the Internet that can be used to remove gum from the carpet, however, it is best to proceed with caution when experimenting with these methods. The cold and heat are the two best methods that are the least likely to leave additional stains that other methods may cause.


#1 Cold


Gum may be removed from the carpet by freezing the gum with a bag of ice or other frozen item. When the gum is completely frozen it is easy to gently chip off with a knife. The gum should be hardened upon its removal, so if the gum feels sticky, apply the ice again to freeze the gum and proceed to scrape the gum away.


#2 Heat


Heat is one way to remove the gum safely from the carpet through the use of a blow dryer. The heat from the blow dryer changes the gum material to a sticky, soft substance which makes it easy to be removed. It is recommended that a glove or a piece of plastic be used to remove the gum from the carpet. Do not place the heat of the blow dryer in one spot for too long, or on a high heat setting or the carpet may receive damages.


Risky Options

Other more risky options to remove gum from carpets include the use of peanut butter, vinegar, goo gone, butter, etc. These options should be used as the last resort and with caution, as some may cause additional damages to the carpet, such as damage to carpet fibers, additional stains, left-over smells, etc. It is best to consult with the experts to determine what solutions work the best, before experimenting with these different solutions. At Pure Clean our professionals work diligently to provide customers with the best solutions to their carpet cleaning needs, and to inform them what carpet cleaning solutions work and what should be avoided.

Techniques to Avoid When Removing Gum

Some sources suggest to use lighter fluid or gasoline to remove spots of gum, but these methods should never be used in the household because of a number of hazards. The last thing that you want is to put your home and your family in the path of danger. Gasoline and lighter fluid is flammable and could cause a number of ill reactions. It is simply not worth it. If you are serious about finding a quick, effective gum removal solution that is safe and effective, contact the experts at 

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