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PureClean Start Up

PureClean was conceived in 2006 by a young entrepreneur in Rexburg Idaho who noticed that there were a couple of problems with the carpet cleaning industry. Steam cleaning is world renowned for being the safest and most thorough way of cleaning carpet, however, people often complain that steam cleaning leaves carpet too wet, and it takes too long to dry. This poses not only an inconvenience to customers but also potential hazards if mildew and mold begin to grow. The other problem is that most people can’t afford to have cleanings done regularly simply because it’s too expensive. It’s not uncommon to pay a few hundred dollars for a cleaning only to see it get dirty over the next few months.

The PureClean Drying Solution

By investing in the Hydramaster Boxxer 427, ThermalWave 2, the Rotovac 360, Hoss 700, and well trained technicians, we have been able to cut the drying time to an average of 4-8 hours (depending on the type of carpet being cleaned). If you need it dry immediately we also provide central air movers that will dry a 10 foot by 10 foot area in just 10 minutes! Though this is significant to most, we must underline the fact that we also clean your carpet 10-15 times more than the traditional wand cleaning simply because we use pressurized steam cleaning with rotary extraction! We guarantee our cleaning method is the deepest and most thorough cleaning available and are willing to back it up with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction promise to all of our customers. Try us and see for yourself!

The Cleanfreak Solution

Our Cleanfreak program solves the other problem of expensive cleanings. If you are on the Cleanfreak Gold program (paying $20/month on a credit or debit card) you will receive 75% off on EVERY service we offer! That means you can have 4 rooms of carpet cleaned for just $33.75, or a couch and love seat combo for only $35, WHENEVER YOU WANT!!! Those prices and our services are unmatched in quality and affordability. If you have kids or pets, the Cleanfreak program is a must have, especially if you want to maintain a clean and healthy home.

“Go Play, We’ll Clean Up.”

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