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Here are a few comments of customers that we have serviced!

My sister referred me to PureClean Carpet Cleaning because I needed the carpet in my town home rental cleaned before I moved out. There was a clearly visible dirt path where the carpet was all smashed down and saturated with dirt in a high traffic area and on the stairs. The Company showed up within the scheduled time, gave great service, and when they left, the carpet throughout the town home was no longer smashed down and there was no evidence of a dirt path even being there. When my landlord did the walk through, he was so impressed he not only returned my full deposit, but asked for the number to PureClean Carpet Cleaning because he has other units that he would like to have them clean.
Rob P.

I have had PureClean clean my carpets and I would recommend them to my friends and family.  I felt they did a very good job and my carpets seemed cleaner than previous carpet cleaners.
Cecile C.

I knew Pure Clean was for me the minute I heard about it.  I always say “with 2 kids and 2 dogs and a little OCD, I never could get the carpets clean enough!”  Now with Pure Clean, I can call whenever I like.  I will have my carpets cleaned before a big holiday gathering and then again AFTER everyone leaves and the place is a disaster.  I have called Andy at Pure Clean because my 7 year old spilled a whole bowl of chicken noodle soup down our carpeted stairs! PureClean is amazing!  I recommend them to everyone I know!
Liza H.

We have been with PureClean for almost a year now and have been very happy with the service. We are able to schedule carpet cleaning appointments whenever we feel we need them and PureClean is always available to accomodate. The cleaning jobs have been thorough and the carpets are usually dry in the short amount of time they say they will be dry. We recently had an accident with fingernail polish. It had splattered on the carpet outside our bathroom. Even after three days of the polish setting in, PureClean was able to remove all of the stains. We couldn’t ask for much more from a carpet cleaning service.
Sarah K.

Unparalleled service, untouchable rates.  Managing hundreds of residential and commercial units, we throw some very ugly, smelly…okay, downright nasty…carpets at PureClean every single week.  Every week PureClean blows our expectations right out of the water, and I’m not just saying that.  Red stains, oil stains, animal urine….you name it; somehow they pull it all out and leave our carpets looking brand new over and over again.  To PureClean’s credit they’ve thrown a lot of money at cutting edge equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure they’re not wasting anybody’s time on the job.  PureClean is seriously the only carpet cleaner we’ve found that pulls off miracle after miracle for us every week and, quite frankly, we wouldn’t even consider using anyone else at this point.  Before you decide your carpet needs to be replaced, let PureClean take a shot at cleaning/revitalizing it first.  10-to-1 says you’ll park your “new carpet” funds elsewhere once they’re finished cleaning, and they’re quick too.  5 stars for PureClean, no question.
Paul B. of Axiom Property Management

I called PureClean Carpet Cleaning because I have a micro-fiber sofa and love seat that has experienced 2 1/2 years of use from fourtoddlers. It was in such bad shape from all the wear and tear and so stained I could not see the natural color of the sofa. I feared that I had to go buy new furniture, The PureClean Carpet Cleaning employee showed up at my apartment within the scheduled time I was given, and he looked at the couches, explained my options with what it would take to get the couches cleaned. Which gave me hope because I thought he would tell me that the stains are permanent and there was nothing he could do. In the process of cleaning he came across two stains where gum was stuck to the cushion, and he spent extra time to get all of the residue from the gum out of the material. The furniture looked brand new after he was done, and he did it all at a great price. I have referred PureClean Carpet Cleaning to everyone I know because they give fast service, their workers are friendly, efficient, and get the job done in a professional manner.
Rob P.