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Six Reasons You Might Need a Carpet Cleaning Before Thanksgiving

Rexburg Carpet Cleaning

1. Recovering from Halloween: Are still recovering from Halloween and all the fun, yet chaotic and messy festivities? Then it might be about time to give yourself a fresh start for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sticky food or candy in the carpet from Halloween does not make your house comfortable for enjoying the holidays.

2. Your Spouse is a Hunter: Your lovely spouse spent the day hunting and brought home the Thanksgiving turkey. While you may be excited about this great accomplishment, you may be less than excited about the trail of blood, feathers and dirt tracked into the house and onto the carpet on the way to putting the bird in the refrigerator.

3. School Thanksgiving Projects: All the art supplies are out and scattered across the tables, floors and carpets. After some lids were mistakenly not put back on the markers, paints, or glitter, etc,. you have one big mess on your hands. Pure Clean is here for you and can take care of your glue, marker stains, paint, etc.

4. Weather Changes: Winter weather changes means more rain, snow and unfortunately more mud. Mud is naturally tracked in by everybody, so if your carpets have already taken a few hits with mud stains, it’s probably long past due for you to have your carpet cleaned.

5. Plumbing Issues: Flooding from plumbing issues is one good reason to call in the professionals. Water from toilets soaking into to your carpets is the last thing you want to deal with around the holidays. Pure Clean can dry and clean your carpet in no time.

6. In-Laws Visiting: With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, the chances of your in-laws and family coming to stay with you are high. If it has been a while since your house and carpets have been professionally cleaned, maybe it is time for you to schedule an appointment. There is no need for you to be embarrassed of your house when the family comes to visit. Open your doors to your family and enjoy their company, without fretting your house is not clean enough.

Give Pure Clean a call today to schedule your Rexburg carpet cleaning before the holidays arrive!

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