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7 Things to Do When Cleaning Upholstery

When it comes to cleaning your couch, there are many do’s and don’ts in the process. To avoid any major regrets while cleaning your upholstery, it is important to realize every couch is different, needing special attention and cleaning products.

Those who carelessly neglect or ignore the proper techniques to clean their upholstery will usually end up with more costly mistakes, like a discolored couch.

Attention to furniture tags and cleaning products is important to prevent larger-scale accidents. Here are a few simple guidelines to avoid common cleaning mistakes.

Cleaning Your Coach

1. Vacuum & Remove Objects

While you may be anxious to immediately begin cleaning the couch, take time to vacuum and remove items from under the couch cushions. Objects like toys, pencils, silverware and newspaper scraps can damage the couch, so be sure to look for these items. Vacuuming the couch removes dirt and crumbs, which can later be pressed into the couch material and be more difficult to remove. Take care of all the couch’s needs at once.

2. Check the Couch Tag First

The tag hanging off the couch is not as useless as it looks. Couch tags can actually save you from big furniture cleaning mistakes. Check the furniture tag after vacuuming to see what type of cleaning materials are safe to use. Look for the distinguishing code letters on the tag. Generally couch cleaning procedures are different for every couch, so pay special attention to different couch types like microfiber or leather couches.

  • Code O: Couch fabric material is organic. Use only cold water.
  • Code W: Use only water or water-based soap. No solvents should be used to spot clean.
  • Code S: Water use should be avoided to clean the couch.
  • Code W-S: Use water or water based soap only.
  • Code X: Vacuum only. No foam or liquid cleaner of any type should be used. Contact professional upholstery cleaners for a safe and through dry clean.

3. Test the Cleaner

While following the directions is your best bet for a safe furniture cleaning, it is important to spot test the cleaner on a small, unnoticeable area of the couch. Check for color bleeding and discoloration. Any unwanted surprises or unexpected discolorations can be prevented with this simple test. If your couch does not have a tag, this step is especially important.

4. Blot not Scrub

A natural instinct when cleaning couch stains is to immediately start scrubbing back and forth. For a fresh spill or stain, refrain from scrubbing and start blotting. This is the safest method for your couch and prevents stains from smearing to larger area surfaces. Use a soft bristle brush or toothbrush to help lift the grime from the roots.

5. Do Not Saturate

Too much water or cleaner will take a long time to dry, and can be damaging to the couch. Too much water or cleaner will seep into the couch and could cause the metal inside to rust. Be conscientious of how much product is used on the couch.

6. Let Dry

Give the couch enough time to dry before sitting or placing objects on it. If the couch has already been saturated with water or cleaner, absorb the water with dry towels and fans to help dry the wet areas.

7. Give It Time

Initially after a couch cleaning, it may feel stiff or smell like cleaning products. Soft bristle brushes can help unstiffen the couch, and just airing out the room will help with the smell. If you have been scarred from the couch’s previous condition prior to cleaning, forget the old and enjoy the new! There’s nothing better than clean.

General and basic cleaning procedures are nice for simple cleaning fixes, but for more specialized cleaning, contact the professionals. Older and antique furniture will need more specialized skill and attention, so be cautious of any old cleaning trick. Pure Clean offers professional and specialized cleaning products and equipment to best resolve any upholstery cleaning need. Contact Pure Clean today at (208) 356-7873 for more information on how to restore your valued furniture and upholstery.

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