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Why You Need a Carpet Cleaning This Spring

What is something you contact everyday and is dirtier than your toilet seat? Your carpet! According to Men’s Health, your carpet is 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat. Who knew your carpet is only getting dirtier by the minute? For all the time you spend inside the house and on the carpet, it makes sense though right? As spring time approaches, you may want to consider a carpet cleaning for all the many benefits listed below.

Increases Carpet Lifespan

The better you care for your carpet, the longer it will last. An annual, or semi-annual, carpet cleaning can be well-worth the investment, if you can avoid replacing your carpet. Carpets takes the brunt of your day. On average, people walk a minimum of 1000 to 5000 steps per day. Now imagine how many steps you take on the carpet in a day, a week, a year or a decade! Your carpet gets a lot of wear and tear!

Even if you restrict shoes or pets in the house, it is nearly inevitable to get dust, pollen, food stains, or other contaminants which get into the carpet. A regular carpet clean is important to remove these contaminant particles, because they can break down the carpet fibers and change the carpet’s appearance and feel. If it has been a while since your carpet has been cleaned, than you may want to consider it.

Removes Dust, Hair, Dandruff

People and pets naturally shed skin, hair or dandruff on the carpets, which contain oils that can ruin your carpet if not regularly cleaned. Microscopic bugs also feed on the dust and grime residue in the carpets, which you likely will not want crawling on you. Dirty carpet, full of dust or hair balls, will only compound and make it more of a hassle to clean later. It’s a lot easier to maintain carpet through regular carpet cleanings, than to replace it. With professional, carpet cleaning equipment, these contaminants can be removed for certain.

Removes Bugs

It is possible your carpet may have dust mites, fleas, or other creepy crawlers if your carpet has not been cleaned in a while. Homes with pets will have an increased chance of these creepy crawlers as well. Since bugs thrive in dry environments, they are drawn to the carpet. Pure Clean is able to remove 98% of these creepy crawlers from your carpet in a standard carpet cleaning. While these pests may be microscopic, no one wants creepy crawlers roaming your carpets.

Increases Health

Carpets which are regularly cleaned will make for a healthier environment for your family. Inside carpets are trapped bacteria from shoes, animals, skin cells and other contaminants, which can create the perfect environment for disease to grow, especially when wet. Families with small children should be especially concerned about the cleanliness of their carpet. Children often play and spend more time on the carpet than adults, which makes them more prone to the risk of bacteria in unclean carpet for weeks. Along with regular vacuuming, a professional carpet cleaning is one more way to protect yourcarpet cleaning rexburg family from preventable sickness.

Removes Allergens

A professional carpet cleaning can help to lessen the effects of allergies this spring, by removing pollen from the carpet. Through a professional carpet cleaning, the pollen, along with other contaminants, will be removed to make your house more of an escape from your allergies. Contaminates in the carpet affect the air quality and can be removed to make your spring a little less difficult with allergies.

Increases Aesthetic Appeal

How your carpet is maintained can make a big impression. When it comes time to sell your home, home buyers will be concerned with the carpet’s overall condition. Poorly maintained carpet can be a big turnoff to home buyers, as it makes the home less appealing and marketable. There is nothing more inviting than beautiful and clean carpet.

Idaho Falls Carpet Cleaning

Our Pure Clean customers can attest that your carpets will be properly cleaned and cared for by our professionals. With many years of professional experience, we know how to best clean your carpets. Whether you have nylon, polyester, wool, blend, or another type of polypropylene, we have the carpet cleaning solution you. Our current price for carpet cleaning in Idaho Falls is $179 for five bedrooms. For more information or questions about carpet cleaning, contact Pure Clean at (208) 552-7873.

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