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The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Rental Property

There are countless tasks involved in maintaining and keeping a rental property profitable. In one moment, landlords can be called on to answer questions about a property's tax records. In the next moment, they may be required to fix a plugged drain. And the minute after that, they are interviewing a prospective tenant to determine if they are the right fit for their property.

All these tasks are essential for the smooth running of the property. But not all of them have to be done by landlords. Sometimes landlords get so embroiled in the day-to-day operation of their assets that they forget the original reason why they became investors. If they don't watch it, they can lose their effectiveness as investors and start to act as property managers or handymen.

As a property owner, you should ask yourself; what are the roles that are critical to the success of my assets and the growth of my portfolio? Secondly, is my involvement in a task essential to its success or can it be done better, faster and cheaper by others? Answering these questions will help you separate your role as an investor from smaller tasks that can be done by other people.

An example of these smaller tasks is cleaning your rental property. How a rental is cleaned is vital to its ability to attract tenants. But cleaning is a task that can be done equally-well by other people, rather than the landlord. As a matter of fact, professional cleaners are equipped to do a better cleaning job than property owners.

Hiring a professional cleaner for the property is one way landlords give themselves the room to grow into more successful investors.

How professional cleaners can help your rental business

Quality cleaning

Most people confuse the regular cleaning they do in their homes with the deep cleaning a professional cleaner does in a rental property. But when they clean their house, people simply empty the trash, wipe surfaces, mop floors and clean the outside of appliances.

In contrast, deep cleaning includes all the tasks involved in regular cleaning and more. Professional cleaners clean inside and behind appliances, dust baseboards and remove scale from showerheads, among other things. When landlords or amateurs clean a rental, what they usually do is regular cleaning.

The right image

In the rental property, business perception is everything. From the moment they step on the curb, people begin to form their opinions about a landlord, the home and the owner's managerial abilities.

Whatever helps an owner make the best impression helps them make more money. And to impress prospective tenants, landlords must create an immersive sensory experience. In other words, the apartment must look, feel and smell the same way that a 5-star hotel room does. The best way to achieve this effect is to use a professional cleaner.

Improved efficiency

A vacant apartment is the enemy of rental property success. And the longer a property stays empty, the more money the owner loses on it. How soon the landlord can have a vacant home ready for showing determines their ability to minimize losses.

If the landlord has to first clean the apartment by themselves, before they start marketing it, they have lost time. Also, if the apartment is cleaned by an amateur and not properly cleaned, the owner loses time. Conversely, a professional cleaner can be a landlord's ally to ensure that the home is ready for showing in record time.

Prevents wear and tear

Landlords often fail to understand how badly dust, grime and dirt affect their property by accelerating the wear and tear of furniture and surfaces in the home. Ingrained dirt is one of the primary causes of damage to the carpets, décor, furniture and curtains in a home.

Additionally, appliances that harbor dirt, dust and oil are more likely to break down, rust and need replacement before the end of their useful life. Furthermore, dirt makes a home more attractive to pests. By hiring a professional cleaning service, property owners can preserve their rental property.


A landlord who works with a professional is likely to become more experienced in the way they manage their business. Lawyers, accountants, plumbers and HVAC experts all bring specialized skills that make a landlord's business better. Using professionals helps the owner get better as a property investor.

A professional cleaner also frees the landlord to dedicate their time to the core responsibilities that are critical for investing success. Instead of scrubbing floors, they can dedicate their time to understanding market trends and finding good locations for future investments.

Avoid issues with tenants

One of the main sources of disputes between property owners and tenants is disagreements over cleaning standards as specified in the lease agreement. Professional cleaners help a landlord avoid this type of problem in two ways.

They can advise landlords about the potential pitfalls of any clauses they include in a tenant's lease agreement. They can exemplify a standard of cleaning that allows landlords and tenants to have clarity on how the home should be cleaned. This is not something most landlords can do for themselves.


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