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How to Wear-out & Replace Your Couch Faster

Do you want to replace your couches faster, or learn from those who have to replace them? A couch, well-maintained and with frequent cleanings can last decades with proper care and attention. So, if you want to speed up the process and wear your couches out faster, follow these tips with precision! Let Pure Clean offer some helpful anti-preservative tips for your couch.

Food & Drinks Allowed

If you want to replace your couch as soon as you can, allow your family, friends and guests to eat and drink as often as they desire. Eating and drinking on the couch will result in crumbs, oils, greases and spills on the couch. The more crumbs and spills on the couch the better, to grind into the cushions and be impossible to remove. Drink stains are difficult to remove and are noticeable from a first glance.

Definitely Never Vacuum

Vacuuming the couches on a regular basis removes dirt and crumbs, which otherwise would seep into the fabric and cracks of the couch. Allow the dust, dirt and crumbs to collect in your couch for months by not vacuuming. After all, this simple habit of vacuuming could do a lot to preserve your couch!

Forget Pure Clean Upholstery Cleaning

If you don’t want your couches to maintain their “new” look, make sure to never have a Pure Clean upholstery cleaning. Make sure the natural dirt, grime and skin follicles of the couch are never removed, to build up the grotesque appearance of the couch. If your child camped out on the couch during the week he/she had the flu, especially make sure to never get an upholstery cleaning in order to retain the sickly smell of last week’s upchucks.

Kid’s Play

Permit your small children and their friends to carelessly jump and play on the couches like a jungle-gym. Lack of care or treatment of the couch will quickly affect the wear-and-tear of the couch, which will greatly help you to replace the couch faster! Let them take the cushions off the couches to act as a trampoline, or to use for a pillow-fight. Maybe the cushions will tear even faster than you imagined! If your children leave pens, pencils, markers, or other utensils in the couch, more power to you and the deterioration of your couch!

Use Wrong Cleaning Products

When your couch does get dirty, or has an apparent stain or spot, leave it for a while. Definitely do not clean it immediately, because this would be the first step to preserve your couch. If you do feel the need to clean the couch, at least in the meantime of its deterioration, forget the furniture tags on the couch, which tell you which type of cleaning products are safe to use. Completely disregard the tag and put whatever cleaners you desire on the couch. The effects of the cleaning materials will react differently to the couch materials, maybe you will be lucky and use the wrong cleaner on the wrong material! Also, make sure to never spot clean the couch!

Never Rotate The Cushions

People who actually want to preserve their couches will regularly rotate and adjust the cushions daily or weekly. This makes sure the more common areas of the couch do not wear out as quickly as those more frequented areas. So, good advice to wear out the couch faster is to leave the cushions alone for however long you own the couch. Lumpy, lopsided cushions is exactly what you want for a sure trip to the dump.

Sleep On The Couch

Your couch is designed for sitting, not sleeping, so allow your husband or wife to take lots of naps on the couch. If you have visitors over, offer the couch for them to sleep on. You can expect to see results almost immediately, check out how the cushions begin to misshapen and deform.

Follow these simple instructions to wear out your couches faster. Or, if you would like to take good care of your furniture to make it last, make sure to avoid each of these habits. Pure Clean hopes each customer who desires to preserve their couch, will give Pure Clean a call for an upholstery cleaning.

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