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Carpeting Cleaning and COVID-19: Everything You Need to Know

Amid an international pandemic, seemingly irrelevant items on your to-do list may fall through the cracks. Or perhaps you’ve been spending more time staring at your unkempt carpets as you work from home. Carpet cleaning may be more important when it comes to protecting yourself and your family than you may think.

Are your carpets putting you at risk?

The carpets in your home may provide a comfortable feel to your living space, but if left dirty for too long can harbor harmful irritants to your respiratory system. Everything from mold spores, pet dander, dead skin cells, cockroach allergens, dust and everyday dirt makes its way deep into the fibers. Regular activity like foot traffic and vacuuming can release these irritants into the air you breathe, causing inflammation. Those with asthma, chronic coughs, or children who spend more time on the floor are particularly at risk of exposure.

Keeping your lungs in excellent shape is important in preparation for a possible viral infection, such as COVID-19. As we enter cold and flu season, this becomes all that much more imperative. Furthermore, studies have shown the virus can live on surfaces of varying materials for up to four days. If someone who is infected with the virus enters your home and releases cough droplets onto your carpet or simply carries the virus onto your carpet with dirty shoes, it may be a matter of time before the virus can wreak havoc on your environment.

How we can help

Jeff’s Quality Cleaners uses hot water extraction to kill viruses and bacteria in your home. Coupled with our chemical mixture, our truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment purifies your carpet with a 260-degree solution, while our rotary equipment cleans deep within the fibers. As opposed to vacuuming, the solution is extracted and disposed of back into our van to prevent irritants being released into your home. For more information on how our carpet cleaning process works, visit our services page.

COVID-19 precautions

Your safety is our number one priority in the time of COVID-19. Our cleaners will wear masks upon request during the carpet cleaning process to prevent any exposure to your home. We are also obeying a 6-foot social distancing rule for extra insurance. We also offer carpet cleaning disinfectants proven to kill SARS viruses, including COVID-19.

As you spend more time at home, your carpets are seeing more traffic than ever. Enjoy your new office space or simply escape the day-to-day pandemic mania with the peace of mind of a truly clean home. To schedule a time to free your carpets of potential harmful irritants, contact us today.



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