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What is a Cleanfreak?

Our innovative new CleanFreak program is revolutionizing the way people view professional cleanings. Everyone knows that a good, professional cleaning in southeastern Idaho is going to cost you a lot. Well, not anymore. The CleanFreak program is an insurance policy for a clean home. You simply pay a small monthly fee on a credit or debit card, and then whenever you’d like to use any of our cleaning services, or ANY service we offer, you just pay a 25% co-pay. It is the most affordable way to get professional cleanings done year-round. We recommend that you have your high traffic areas cleaned at least every 3-4 months, and all the rest of your carpet cleaned at least annually. By being on the CleanFreak program, you can finally afford to have your carpet cleaned whenever you’d like, at a fraction of the cost. That goes for your furniture and tile and grout too. The list goes on and on, check out our prices page to get a full list of all the services that we offer, accompanied by the stellar rates of the CleanFreak programs.

If I’m A Cleanfreak, How Often Should I Have You Guys Out?

Most of our Cleanfreak Customers get their carpet cleaned 2-3 times per year. They also get their furniture cleaned on average 1-2 times per year. Many also have a protector applied on the carpet about once a year. Tile and grout cleanings and pet odor treatments are all very common too. We realize that your house is different from everyone else’s so that’s why we leave it up to you to decide when and how often you want your cleanings done. No one knows your needs like you do so we’ll do our best to make sure we’re there when you need us.

Will I Receive The Same Service Every Time?

Absolutely! We only offer one top-notch method of cleaning so you’ll get the same cleaning every time, regardless of whether or not you’re on the program. Our services include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Professional Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning with Rotary Extraction
  • Quick Response Time
  • Large Insurance Discounts on Other Services

Terms And Conditions

  • One year agreement required.
  • Monthly fees are automatically deducted once a month from a credit or debit card or EFT (checking account).
  • Service continues automatically, month to month, after the first year until a cancellation notice is received in writing (preferably email, Notice must be received before monthly fee is withdrawn. The Cleanfreak coverage will extend 30 days from the last fee withdrawn.

For more information on the Cleanfreak program, please call our office at one of the numbers listed above. There’s a CleanFreak in everyone!

“Go play, we’ll clean up.”

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