Our Regular prices are stated in the first column followed by the CleanFreak Insurance Program in the next column.  Also, please see the specials of the month located on the home page.  If you have any questions regarding any of our pricing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Cleaning Program Regular CleanFreak
Monthly Fee $-0 $29.00
Discount 0% 75%
Carpet Cleaning Regular CleanFreak
First Area (<300s.f.) $65 $16.25
Additional Areas (<300 s.f.) $35 $8.75
Specialty Stains (Iron Size) $15 $3.75
Protector/Area (<300 s.f.) $25 $6.25
Other Cleaning Services Regular CleanFreak
Rugs/sq. ft. (No Fine or Oriental) 0$.50 $.125
Tile and Grout Cleaning/s.f. $.5 $.125
Couch $80 $20
Loveseat $60 $15
Sectional $130 $32.50
Recliner $50 $12.5
Window Cleaning (Per Hour) $80 $20
Drying Regular CleanFreak
Flood Extraction Per Room $100 $25
Air Mover Rental (Per Day) $25 $25
Pet Odor Treatments Regular CleanFreak
1 Area (minor pet problems) $35 $8.75
Pet Decontamination/room $125 $31.25
Mattresses Regular CleanFreak
Twin $30 $7.50
Queen/Double $40 $10
King $50 $12.50
Cars Regular CleanFreak
Carpet Only/Seat $10 $2.50
Carpet and Upholstery/Seat $15 $3.75
Cleaning Program Regular CleanFreak
15 Areas of Carpets (3 Visits) $600 $150
Couch and Loveseat $130 $32.50
300 sq. ft. of Tile and Grout $150 $37.50
Window Cleanings (3 hours) $195 $48.75
Sub Total $1075 $268.75
Plus Monthly Fee $0 $348
Total Yearly Cost (with Mo. Fee) $1075 $616.75
Total Yearly Savings $0 458.25

Why CleanFreak Insurance Program???

We service cities and towns outside of Jeff’s Quality Cleaners’ regular service areas, too.  We have clients in Island Park, Driggs, Victor, Tetonia, Ashton, American Falls, McCammon, Soda Springs, etc…  Please call to verify serviceability and pricing.

Regular carpet cleaning rates outside of the Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Utah and Salt Lake counties are $250 for the first 5 areas and $40 per additional room with a minimum service order of $250.  Cleanfreak programs are not available for customers outside of Jeff’s Quality Cleaners’ regular service areas.  All other service rates are the same. Prices subject to change, please call with questions.

See something that’s not on here?  We may offer it, please give us a call for more information.