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Jeff’s Quality Cleaners’ carpet cleaning is one of a kind and will change the way you view carpet cleaning forever. You will never again be satisfied with the Rug Doctor, Chemical or “Dry” Cleanings, or other services that leave your carpet soaking wet for days and questioning whether any soil has been removed. Jeff’s Quality Cleaners offers professional truck-mounted steam cleaning with rotary extraction. There are 4 keys to removing up to 98% of all contaminants in your carpet, revitalizing carpet fibers and texture, and drying in just a couple of hours.

What does it take to remove up to 98% of all contaminants in your carpet and dry in just a couple hours?

Hot Water. Our truck-mounted equipment heats the water and solution up to somewhere between 220-260 degrees, that’s beyond boiling! This melts away grease, oil, and other soils in your carpet while purifying and revitalizing it too.

The Right Chemicals. We get all of our cleaning products from distributors in Utah and Arizona. The combination of our products will break up oil and grease, dissolve water and oil-based products, and leave NO residue in your carpet. Your carpet will stay cleaner longer when you use Jeff’s Quality Cleaners!

Plenty of Agitation. We will either use the Rotovac 360, Hoss 700, or the RX 20 to clean your carpet. These rotary machines have spray jets and vacuum slots that rotate at nearly 200 rpm. This allows for hundreds of cleansing and extraction passes per minute, leaving no residue and thoroughly rinsing out all contaminants and solutions. This step is critical in making sure that spots don’t reappear and that your carpet doesn’t get dirty faster.

Strong Extraction. Our truck-mounted extraction units (The Hydramaster Boxxer 427, Thermal Wave, and Vortex) create a vacuum suction of 14 inches of mercury lift. That means that we can extract remove up to 90% of all the moisture in your carpet, leaving you with very quick dry time. We will not dump anything down your toilets or drains. All contaminants are extracted out to our van for proper disposal. Strong suction is key in making sure that all contaminants are removed and that you won’t have to wait too long for your carpet to dry.

What You Can Expect When Jeff’s Quality Cleaners Comes To Your Home?

1) Pre-spray treatment of all carpet. This vital step breaks up and loosens dirt, grease, and other soils deep in your carpet. We will let our products sit for 10-15 minutes to make sure that those stubborn spots and soils are broken up properly before we begin the extraction process. We will also pre-treat any stains that may be difficult to lift.

2) Cleansing by hot water extraction. We thoroughly flush out your carpet while extracting contaminants and solutions out to our van, leaving you with a quick dry time, and clean, healthy carpet. We guarantee to use the right chemicals and solvents to clean, rinse, and protect your carpet without leaving a sticky residue.

3) Any additional spot cleaning necessary. In case we’ve missed some spots that we are capable of removing, we’ll go ahead and spot for them. Though we cannot guarantee the removal of all stains, we will do our best to make sure that your carpet looks and feels new again.

Recommended With Carpet Cleaning From Jeff’s Quality Cleaners:

1) Application of Protector. Our Maxim Protector works like Scotch Guard but also includes a red dye resistor. This helps prevent future spots, stains, and traffic while retaining the integrity and beauty of your carpet.

2) Speed Dry. Our air movers can dry a 10 by 10 area of carpet in just 10 minutes.

3) Pet odor elimination. If you have pets, we highly recommend this service. Our odor eliminating products seek out and destroy the odor making bacteria in your carpet and padding.

Pet Odor Problems? No Problem.

Jeff’s Quality Cleaners specializes in pet odor remediation. Whether it was a cat, dog, horse or guinea pig, we have the answer. Our pet odor services neutralize and consume odor making bacteria in your carpet and padding. Before you spend thousands on new carpets and pads, call Jeff’s Quality Cleaners to see how we can take care of the problem, eliminate the odor and stains, and make it look and smell like new again for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

“From Rexburg to Pocatello, there’s a Cleanfreak in everyone.”

Not convinced? Take a look at our before & after shots. 

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